Silver Pearl Steel Gray Granite silver, gray, black, large quartz flecks
Giallo Ornamental Guidoni Granite Brown, Cream, Tan, White, Gray

​Giallo Fiorito

Black Pearl Granite Polished

Azul Platino

​Giallo Ornamental Guidoni

Santa Cecilia Light Granite cream, beige, brown, black, garnet
Moon White Granite Gray, Beige, White, Cranberry Garnet

Santa Cecilia Gold

Giallo Ornamental Verona Beige, brown, cream, tan

​Giallo Ornamental Verona

Azul Platino Granite Gray, Black, Bluish hue

Group B Granite (Low/Mid Price Group)

Shades of colors will very between lots.  It is always best to hand tag slabs.

​Baltic Brown

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Brown, black, garnet
Tan Brown Granite Brown, Black, Gray, Blue

Coral (limited availability)

Coral Granite Red, blue
Butterfly Green Granite black, white, green
Mint Green Granite Gray, White, Olive

​Carioca Gold

Mint Green

Blanco Tulum 

Sapphire Blue Granite Blue, Tan, Black, Gray

Santa Cecilia Light

​Dallas White

​Butterfly Green

Santa Cecilia Classic

Blanco Tulum Granite gray, white, beige, black
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Silver Pearl / Steel Gray

Carioca Gold Granite Beige, brown, black, white

Peacock Green​

New Venetian Gold Granite brown, black, gold, orange
Saint Cecilia Classic Granite Gold, Black, Garnet
Giallo Fiorito Granite Brown, Black, orange, rustic
Peacock Green Granite green, black, gold

Impala Black

P.O. Box 580 Greenwood DE 19950 US             +1.3023490400

Sapphire Blue

​White Ornamental

Santa Cecilia Sunset Granite Cream, brown, black, garnet, gray

​Moon White

Tan Brown

Dallas White Granite white, cream, black, red, garnet
Impala Black Granite Black, gray

Black Pearl

New Venetian Gold

White Ornamental Granite cream, black, garnet
Baltic Brown Granite Brown, Black, Green hue

​Santa Cecilia Sunset

Countertop Company in Greenwood Delaware that does kitchen, bath, and commercial granite, quartz, and solid surface countertops.