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12952 Sussex Hwy
Po. Box 580
Greenwood, DE 19950
Phone:  (302) 349-0400
Fax:       (302) 349-0401

Countertop Company in Greenwood Delaware that does kitchen, bath, and commercial granite, quartz, and solid surface countertops.
White Bahamas

​White Galaxy

Black Galaxy

​Absolute Black

Ivory Fantasy

​Blue Dunes

Fantasy Brown Quartzite

Fantasy Brown Leathered

Recommended to hand tag.  Every lot is unique.

White Galaxy Granite
Black Galaxy Granite

​White Bahamas

Ivory Chiffon Granite
White Ice Granite
Blue Dunes Granite

​Shivakashi Pink

Group D Granite (Mid/High Price Group)

Shades of colors will very between lots.  It is always best to hand tag slabs.

Ivory Chiffon

​White Ice

Fantasy Brown Leathered Quartzite
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Shivakashi PInk Granite

Casa Blanca

Fantasy Brown Quartzite  

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