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Po. Box 580
Greenwood, DE 19950
Phone:  (302) 349-0400
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Countertop Company in Greenwood Delaware that does kitchen, bath, and commercial granite, quartz, and solid surface countertops.
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​Blues in the Night

Group E Colors:  (not show since the colors wildly vary by Lot)​​

  • Andromeda White
  • Crema Bordeaux
  • River Bordeaux
  • ​Snowfall
  • ​Star Beach
  • Typhoon Bordeaux
Volga Blue Granite

Group E Sale, Normally Level S

Labrodite Australe (limited quantities)

Blue Pearl

Lennon Granite

Group E Granite (Highest Price Group)

Shades of colors will very between lots.  It is always best to hand tag slabs.

Black Marinace Granite
Emerald Pearl Granite


Alaska White (prone to iron deposits)

Volga Blue

​Absolute Cream

​African Rainbow

Netuno Bordeaux

​Virginia Mist

African Rainbow
Blue Pearl Granite
Labrodite Australe Granite Multiple shades of Green, Blue, and Gold

Emerald Pearl

White Spring

Group E Sale, Normally Level S
Black Marinace (limited quantities)

P.O. Box 580 Greenwood DE 19950 US             +1.3023490400